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Garage Storage

Creating  Your Perfect Garage!

Clean Up That Clutter!

Sick of not having your car in the garage where it belongs? Tired of seeing piles of "stuff" laying around? We've all been there, now let Classy Closets help you get your garage organized and your car back where it belongs! Custom garage storage units can help you stay organized and create more space (and more storage!) in your garage.

Completely Customizable & Many Accessories!

With our garage storage systems you can create the perfect system for your organization needs. Need a wall for power tools? We've got it. Need cabinetry to store paint cans? We've got that too! Want to create the ultimate man cave? We can even help with that!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get your dream closet? Give us a call today and we'll come out to meet with you for your complimentary consultation! Call now 203.402.0440 or simply fill out a request at the bottom of the page to receive a call back!

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